Valley of the Saints

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Valley of the Saints

Valley of the Saints: to see during your stay at the hotel

Valley of the Saints: the red lands of Auvergne

Located at Boudes, 15 minutes from ACE Hôtel Issoire, the valley of the saints spans 27 hectares listed as an “Environmentally Sensitive Area”. The geological heritage site of valley of the saints is unique in Auvergne and offers the promise of an exceptional walk. Fire-coloured fairy chimneys offer an almost cinematic journey reminiscent of the American Wild West. Flora and fauna flourish with over 17 species of orchid and dozens of rare butterflies, such as the Zygène de Panicaut with its blood-red stained wings. Around forty species of birds nest in the valley of the saints, such as the Short-toed Snake Eagle, which can be seen when the weather gets hot. Head to the Falaise des Mottes where you will see a palette of coloured sediments that tell millions of years’ worth of history…

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