Saint Austremoine Abbey Church

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Saint Austremoine Abbey Church

The abbey church to visit during your stay at the hotel

Saint Austremoine Abbey Church: masterpiece of romanesque art

A masterpiece of Roman art, Saint-Austremoine Abbey-Church, located near the hotel, is a former Benedictine abbey-church built during the first third of the XII century. Dedicated to Austremoine, the first archbishop of Clermont-Ferrand who converted Auvergne at the end of the III century. A listed historic monument since 1840, the interior inspires awe with its XIII colours restored by Anatole Dauvergne between 1857 and 1860. The chancel is surrounded by eight columns crowned with sculpted capitals and incredible paintwork. Much as the abbey-church’s interior is worth seeing, you will also be amazed by the richness of the façade’s décor.  

Found at: The Saint-Austremoine Abbey is just a few minutes from ACE Hotel Issoire.

Abbatiale Saint-Austremoine
Place Saint-Paul
63500 Issoire